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Tenure Descriptions

At Treveth we provide a range of different housing across our developments. In order to direct your enquiry to the best place please have a look at the definitions of the different tenures below, and click on the one that most applies to you on the drop-down menu within the enquiry form. 

  • Private Rented – Private Rented housing is property owned by Treveth and leased to a tenant. Treveth Homes is the landlord, and tenants deal directly with a management company caring for the property on our behalf. Tenants occupy the properties under a tenancy agreement and pay full market rent. Most of Treveth’s properties are of this type.
  • Affordable Rent – Affordable Rented housing is owned, let and managed by a Registered Provider (in a similar way to social rented homes). Rents are typically set at 80% of open market rented value in that area. The Homechoice team at Cornwall Housing manages all affordable rented and social housing in Cornwall. To be considered for an affordable rented Treveth home you need to register with Homechoice using this link, or you can speak to a member of the Homechoice team on 0300 1234 161.
  • Open Market – Open Market housing is property offered for sale on the open market at or near open market value.All of Tr eveth’s Open Market sales homes are offered as freehold properties meaning that buyers have complete ownership of a piece of land and the property that is built on it. It is the owner’s responsibility for any repairs or upkeep to the property and land.
  • Shared Ownership – Shared Ownership is where you buy a share of a property from a Registered Provider with the option to buy more or all of the property at a later date, this is known as staircasing. You then pay the Housing Association rent on the part of the home that you don’t own. Further information can be found using this link.

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