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About Us

Treveth delivers new homes and commercial development for the benefit of people who live and work in Cornwall.

We are a Cornish company that puts Cornwall and its people first. Any profit we make is returned to our partner, Cornwall Council.

Our Mission

Creating sustainable growth and investment In Cornwall, for Cornwall / Yn Kernow, rag Kernow

Our Core Values

  • Passionate – We are committed to delivering exceptional places
  • Legacy – We are united in working responsibly for one community and one environment
  • Agility – We react positively and innovatively in an ever-changing environment
  • Community – We prioritise local people, building stronger communities through long term stewardship
  • Equitable – We pride ourselves on treating everyone fairly with honesty and integrity

Our Commitment to Cornwall

Treveth is an organisation created, with a remit and focus, that is relentlessly about Cornwall.  As such we are proud to share our Commitment to Cornwall with you. 

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We have two key points that underwrite our commitment 

  • Our mandate is that we will not work outside of Cornwall.  Developments will be located, and Investments will be made within the Duchy. 
  • We will play a part in shaping Cornwall’s Communities and Places, positively impacting those that live and work within Cornwall. 

We operate as a commercial organisation and we will seek to balance our commitment when making a commercial return.  We term our unique approach ‘Profit with Purpose’. 

How will we meet these commitments and how can we be measured against them? Please read on.

Residential development

Quality of homes

Our homes will be built to a bespoke Design Guide that builds in quality of materials and build process.  Treveth aims to become the quality standard for Cornish residential development schemes.  

Environmental impact of homes 

Treveth homes will be as environmentally friendly as possible and help residents to optimise utility costs.  Treveth will lead on local ‘decarbonisation’ of the build and then running of homes. 

Tenure types – open market dominant

Treveth schemes will include open market rental properties as the majority tenure.  This will help to boost the supply of quality rented accommodation in every area we develop in. 

Priority for local people

All Treveth rented properties will prioritise residents who live or work in the local area.  

Three-year rental lease 

Treveth open market rental homes will have a three-year lease term to allow residents greater security and to become more integrated into the community 

Responsive management of Treveth homes 

Treveth will put in place ‘best quality’ management services for residents.  Treveth strives to be the ‘landlord of choice’. 

Whole estate management 

Only a small proportion of a Treveth development will be sold on the open market.  As the owner/landlord of the majority of the estate, Treveth will be in a position to be an effective custodian of the long-term quality of the development. 

Commercial development

Match up workspace and commercial to ensure jobs as well as homes

New homes are only part of the needs of a ‘place’.  Treveth will also invest to develop new and modern workspace for businesses to encourage the development of jobs alongside new homes.

Improve quality of commercial space 

Treveth will also work to refurbish and upgrade commercial/workspace where this secures jobs and encourages growth. 

Work to meet specific property needs of a business 

Where a business has a specific need Treveth will work with the organisation to create the facilities that will allow it to succeed and grow.  

Other activity

Town Centre Regeneration 

Large scale regeneration is an important part of building better places.  Treveth will apply its knowledge and experience to these projects to ensure successful planning and then delivery. 

Town Funds

External funding is a way to unlock delivery of large schemes.  Treveth will work as part of a wider place making team to lever in funding and will ensure the effective use of funds to deliver the best possible schemes to improve local communities. 

Use of local businesses

Where possible the use of local businesses in our delivery will be prioritised.  Treveth wants to help build the resilience of the local economy. 


Treveth wants to actively participate and be seen as a leader in working towards Carbon Neutral Cornwall. 

Treveth is a Cornish company working for Cornwall and the commitments above are our way of demonstrating and explaining that commitment.  If you want to learn more or discuss any of these areas, please do get in touch via any of the channels below.